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Aether Sky is a Specialist in Digital Business for the Entertainment Industry

With a wide network of partners and years of experience in the global publishing, distribution and marketing of digital content - ranging from AAA to Indie video games, software and more - Aether Sky are in the position to help entertainment organisations realise their potential in the constantly evolving digital landscape.

As a games publisher or developer - reach millions of new customers and fans of your games by refining your commercial strategy across PC, Console and Mobile markets as well as publishing your titles on new platforms, both local and global.

As a platform, store or distributor - secure licenses for awesome digital content, established top sellers worldwide and new gems in the making to share with your audience.

We work with the top publishers, studios and technology giants in the world, as well as external developers and service providers for full service: including Game & App Development, Publishing & Distribution, Video & Music Production, Ecommerce development, and much more.

What can Aether Sky do for you?

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